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Absurdism claims that there is probably no inherent meaning in life. This apparent meaningless extends into the realm of government just as much as it extends into the realms of philosophy, art, literature, and religion. In the light of this, it becomes quite obvious that there is also no inherent model of government for humanity in the Cosmos as well. This absurdity of government does not extend into the realm of genetics when it comes to social instincts passed down through the generations to ensure the propagation of the species. In other words, humanity being a social species does not mean that its social instincts are the equivalent of an innate government model. Some humans are asexual, some humans are anti-social, some humans are sterile, and it can also be said that the urge to mate isnt as much about producing offspring as it is an urge to climax. With the absurdity of government in mind, the absurdist is now presented with a major problem: what is the point of a government when it will ultimately fail in the end? Because of this problem, it becomes very easy for the Absurdist to consider that Anarchy is the default state of governmental affairs within the human condition. It is because of this apparent meaningless of government that Absurdism is somewhat related to Anarchism in the realm of politics, but that is the extent of its relation.


In full light of the apparent absurdity of government, the Absurdist eventually comes to the correct realization that human government is a free-for-all that the Absurdist can either invest personal meaning into or not. This means, although it is very easy for the absurdist to adopt Anarchism as his or her personal stance on governmental matters, it is also just as possible for the Absurdist to become a dictator, or a supporter of any other form of government that exists, previously existed, or completely made up on the spot at whim. One absurdist could stay a Tory of the United Kingdoms all of his life with loyalty, while another Absurdist in New Zealand can find personal meaning in shifting her stance on government based on her feelings at the moment.